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14 May 2015 - New CBD to Parramatta initiative

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Welcome to FROGS website

10,000 Friends of Greater Sydney (FROGS) is a not for profit organisation established   to help Sydneysiders make Sydney a better place to live, work, play and learn

The Vision

The Vision to achieve this Is to create Sydney as a City of Cities of culturally similar Regions each with its own City Centre achieved through -

·         Activity centres in each Region closely allied to residents

·         Enhanced transport to enable residents to access all activity centres with ease

·         A pricing structure in State and Local Governments that is fair and equitable

Activities to achieve the Vision

10,000 Friends -

·         Acts a watchdog for the community to ensure Governments proposals are focussed on the Vision and in the public interest

·         Takes messages from the community to all levels of Government

·         Runs community forums to seek community input to present to Governments

·         Undertakes in-depth research into issues of concern to the community and present findings to Governments

·         Spreads the word of community need through active participation in conferences 

The Organisation

10,000 Friends has members from Government, business, community organisations and individual members. It relates to likeminded community organisations acting as an umbrella organisation to present a consensus of views

We focus on Information and education, research on issues affecting the environment , the promotion of ecologically sustainable development, social consequences and economic viability within the region of Greater Sydney.

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